We consult with you to develop a creative, hand-drawn, full-colour design, accompanied by an estimated cost of works. Once you are completely happy with the design, work can begin!


Be it paving, retaining walls, turf work, water features, garden decking or planting, Golden Ash Gardens has the solution for you. We believe that there is an exciting solution for every space, to suit any budget. Allow our creativity and experience to provide you with a unique custom design for your landscape, at no cost to you (unless for council submission on new homes). We use a variety of materials which combine to create a fantastic new useable space for you and your family!

Customer Service

We emphasise the importance of customer service and understand it is important to build good working relationships with all of our customers through good communication.  We are fully insured, and for the entire Landscaping process, from designing and quoting, to installation, we go out of our way to fulfil our customers needs. We understand it is a big deal to have tradesmen working at your property and will do all we can to make the experience an enjoyable one! 

So what's the process? We're glad you asked.

  1. Once you have contacted us we can organise a time to meet that is suitable to you.
  2. We come out to meet with you and discuss your needs and budget.
  3. We will complete a measure up of the area to be Landscaped, and within a week you will have your completed design and a quote.
  4. Once the design and quote are approved, a starting date can then be set and planning can begin (eg. We will Dial before we Dig, special order any materials if necessary, etc). This is where you get to sit back and watch us do all the work!
  5. Once completed we will walk through your job with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.
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